Glassblowing shop for technical glass apparatus

Our glass apparatus maker EFZ will respond individually to your customized productions made of Boro 3.3 glass. In addition, GMB Glasmechanik offers an express service for new productions and glass repairs and delivers your product directly to you with the pick-up and delivery service.
Our glass apparatus maker EFZ with over 30 years of experience and know-how in the laboratory glass industry, offers you the following precision glass services:

  • Customer service around your product request
  • New fabrications
  • Customized products
  • Prototypes
  • Series productions
  • Quality assurance
  • Extensions
  • Repairs

Our EFZ glass apparatus manufacturer will be happy to advise you personally and on site.

LabWare from a worldwide partner network

From over 30 years of experience in the laboratory technology & laboratory glassware industry, our glass apparatus manufacturer EFZ, can provide you with all trade products for laboratory technology & supplies from a worldwide partner network.

As a distribution partner, GMB Glasmechanik also has direct representation of well-known laboratory & industry suppliers.

Customized plastic & metal fabrication

Special constructions made of plastic and metal, which are tailored to the needs of the customer, are planned by us and manufactured by leading manufacturers from our partner network and thus complement our equipment and glass apparatus.

Assembly & maintenance in glass facility construction

Our service includes support in the implementation of your application or plant, through the planning, project support and project management, by our professional staff.
We are also there for you after our professional installation for the maintenance in the glass facility construction!

Die HS Labortechnik GmbH ist Ihr Experte im Anlagenbau für die chemische Industrie

Facility construction for the chemical industry

Our partners in process engineering and facility construction, whether in glass or any other suitable material, are at your disposal from planning to implementation.
The wide range of expertise gained from years of experience in this field, includes miniplant & small scale solutions, process optimization as well as solutions for diverse applications in the laboratory to kilo lab range.
For example: separation, crystallization, evaporation, filtration and reaction engineering.

  • Temperature controlled
  • Operating volume from 50 ml – 25 l
  • Reactor cascade
  • Vacuum insulated for low temperature applications
  • Various bottom drain valves
  • Equipment for batch or continuous operation
  • Thin-film evaporator
  • Falling film / falling stream evaporator
  • Short-path evaporator
  • Equipment for batch or continuous operation
  • Rectifying columns
  • Thin-film evaporator
  • Column components
  • Reflux divider (manual, automatic)
  • Mixer-settler
  • Extraction columns
  • Equipment for solvent crystallization

You will receive the support of our team of experts and their know-how from your request to the implementation of your application.
We are also there for you after our professional installation for the maintenance in the glass facility construction!
Our experts offer you a full range of services from components to customized special components.