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Direct sales AE Adam

Laboratory – Scales & weighing technology

Analysis and precision scales, compact scales, moisture analyzers, bench and floor scales, counting scales, washable and waterproof scales, price and store scales, heavy-duty scales and platform scales, indicators, personal and fitness scales, calibration weights and accessories

Robu® Glass filter devices

VitraPOR® sintered filters & glass filter devices

For preparative and analytical processes in chemical, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications.

Direct sales ACI sight glasses

Sight glasses borosilicate glass round and longitudinal, screw-in sight glass, clamp connection sight glass, tubes made of borosilicate glass 3.3

Switzerland-wide representation

NEST Scientific International

Bioprocessing Solutions, Biological Testing, Liquid Handling, Lab Instruments, Medical Consumables, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Lab Safety

GMB Glasmechanik own production

LabGlass with TOP quality at DISCOUNT prices!

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NEST Reagents

Stem cell research in Europe.

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Direct sales proWIN Switzerland

Innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning agents

Super economical, super ecological and highly effective.

Direct sales proWIN Switzerland

Symbiotic cleaning specials

Economical cleaning for laboratories, industry, trade and private households.

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Plastic coating for glass or metal

Whether for glass or metal, typically transparent, with glass splinter protection, solvent resistance, temperature resistance and, as a special feature, electrically conductive, with other customer-specific properties on request. Just ask us!

Customized thermometers
for stick thermometers, ground joint thermometers or other thermometers:

Temperature range, stick length, stick diameter possible on request

Quartz glass equipment

Reactors, apparatus, custom-made products or standard laboratory products made of quartz glass,
and repairs to quartz glass.

Quartz glass is one of the world’s most extraordinary and valuable materials:
Very good light transmission in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelength range.
Resistant to acids and salt solutions with the exception of hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid.

Dimroth cooler
Shell length with NSH + NSK
NSH + NSK 14/23, 160mm, from stock CHF 28.50
NSH + NSK 19/26, 160mm CHF 29.50
NSH + NSK 19/26, 250mm CHF 30.50
NSH + NSK 24/29, 250mm CHF 31.50
NSH + NSK 29/32, 250mm, from stock CHF 33.50
NSH + NSK 24/29, 300mm CHF 35.50
NSH + NSK 29/32, 300mm CHF 37.50
NSH + NSK 29/32, 400mm CHF 39.50
Vacuum protrusions, curved
with NSH + NSK
NSH 14/23, NSK 14/23 CHF 22.00
NSH 14/23, NSK 19/26 CHF 23.00
NSH 19/26, NSK 19/26 CHF 24.00
NSH 19/26, NSK 24/29 CHF 25.00
NSH 24/29, NSK 24/29 CHF 26.00
NSH 24/29, NSK 29/32 CHF 27.00
NSH 29/32, NSK 29/32, from stock CHF 28.00
Vacuum thrusts, straight
with NSH + NSK
NSH 14/23, NSK 14/23 CHF 21.00
NSH 14/23, NSK 19/26 CHF 22.00
NSH 19/26, NSK 19/26 CHF 23.00
NSH 19/26, NSK 24/29 CHF 24.00
NSH 24/29, NSK 24/29 CHF 25.00
NSH 24/29, NSK 29/32 CHF 26.00
NSH 29/32, NSK 29/32, from stock CHF 27.00
Stirring cooler with KPG 10 mm and
2 x GL 14
NSK 29/32 Price on request
NSK 45/40 Price on request
NSK 71/51, from stock CHF 245.50

Other cut sizes available on request.

Special filter funnel

Volume 2,000 ml, filter plate Por. 3, identical to 1,000 ml version
Por. 3 CHF 375.00
Por. 4 CHF 397.00
Por. Size 1, Por. 2, Por. 5 on request

Short path distillation with NSH + NSK 14/23,
3 x GL14
NSH + NSK 14/23 CHF 195.00
Double jacket short path distillation with NSH + NSK 14/23
3 x GL14
NSH + NSK 14/23 CHF 295.00
Distilling bridge with Liebig condenser Standard
SON0099628 160mm CHF 44.90
SON0100168 250mm CHF 50.15
SON0098369 400mm CHF 63.35
Distilling bridge with Liebig condenser, with vacuum advance
SON0089114 160mm CHF 54.25
SON0089095 250mm CHF 58.95
SON0093648 400mm CHF 70.95


Double bubble counter
2 x GL 14, from stock CHF 38.50


Laboratory bottle 1’000ml with GL45,
lateral 3 x GL14 angled

Other laboratory bottle sizes on request.
Price per piece: CHF 74.50

Separatory Funnel
Squibb 50ml NSH 19/26, PTFE-Hahn 14/4mm, from stock CHF 14.00
Squibb 100ml NSH 19/26, PTFE-Hahn 14/4mm, from stock CHF 15.00
Squibb 250ml NSH 29/32, PTFE-Hahn 14/4mm, from stock CHF 17.00
Squibb 500ml NSH 29/32, PTFE-Hahn 19/4mm, from stock CHF 19.50
Separating funnels according to Squibb 3’000 ml and 5’000 ml according to customized variations with different ground joints and taps, or valves possible. Ground joints and taps, or valves possible.
Price on request
Flow indicator CheMobil, PMP
CHF 15.85
270525001 in red CHF 11.95
270525002 in blue CHF 11.95
270525003 in black CHF 11.95

We are represented at analytica 2024 in Munich!

From 09.04.2024 – 12.04.2024 we will be represented with the NEST booth at the analytica 2024 in Munich. Come by and visit us. We look forward to exciting discussions with you!

NEW: Powerful drain cleaner for laboratories

Discover the latest product in our collection. Prowin Actiflow is a powerful drain cleaner that can clean any blocked pipe and any dirt in the shortest possible time. Actiflow consists of 100% natural ingredients and is certified organic by ECOCERT.

Price: only CHF 20.00

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